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Russian Network Connectivity

Started by nbe1233, March 09, 2022, 06:38:51 AM

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According to NYT ( or ), "As Mr. Putin has waged war on Ukraine, a digital barricade went up between Russia and the world. Both Russian authorities and multinational internet companies built the wall with breathtaking speed. And the moves have ruptured an open internet that was once seen as helping to integrate Russia into the global community."

Yggdrasil has a substantial Russian community, although I don't think the Russian government has gone so far to cut the transnational internet lines yet, I feel that it is pertinent that preparations be made to maintain connectivity.


On the practice, software solutions not works when the network under the physical attack or the connectivity censored by the laws - you just can't use internet at all because simply dangerous. People must to protect their interests and do that not to late.

In other point of view, at this time, most of Russian web search requests in Google are not accessible in Ukraine without VPN (I'm watching it trough cache), also deep/web resources not available too because IP-zones.

For example this old p2p network, maintained by few service nodes could not be reached outside, even positioned as censor-less or something like.

Yggdrasil is a realy nice attempt to rebuild web connections in the basement, even this require some time and maybe pre-installed software on most of distributives.

I'm trying to connect some of my web sites to Yggdrasil localnet, using one more AAAA record as reserve IP. Also in ideas to make some code changes in the p2p projects (e.g. in peer nodes, seeders or trackers) to transmit these addresses beside ipv4 or regular ipv6.