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Accessing Yggdrasil in a web browser which is using proxy (ShadowSOCKS V2Ray)?

Started by wdc, August 04, 2023, 11:56:37 AM

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Web browseer 1 is not using any proxy set inside it (is using system main networking, which is Wireguard VPN) -> it can display Yggdrasil site like http://[21a:34aa:c782:3ad2:1bf8:73f8:141:66e8]/

Web browser 2 is using SOCKS5 proxy which is shadowsocks (protocol) running thanks to V2Ray app/service. and on this browser, i can not display Yggdrasil site.

Question is what to do so it loads in Web browser 2 (Firefox-ESR) while keeping its proxy set like it is? links to remote server of mine with old CentOS + iptables.